Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Abstract: Information sources and in turn electronic resources form the basis of all the sectors of society especially healthcare. They represent a framework to describe the wide spread management of health science information across the globe via computerized systems and its secured and scrutinized exchange between the health science professionals and various associated personals. The overall worth, security and competence of the health research and health services are known to be well determined by means of quality health information sources. Electronic resources in health sciences play a vital role by enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the information. It is evident that Information is the energy that drives health science (healthcare) decision making. The healthcare field is information intensive, because quality healthcare depends on quality information. Information is intrinsically inseparable from the operations and decisions made in healthcare.Electronic resources are the primary source of information in health science libraries & act as the backbone in every sector of the modern ICT (Information communication technology) based environment. Number of libraries throughout world have incorporated the electronic resources in their collection. The present review paper investigates the status of these electronic resources in various libraries.