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This study investigated the issues affecting Faculty Information Seeking Behavior in an ICT Environment. The study was conducted in Koforidua technical university (KTU), in Ghana. The study adopted a survey approach. The sampling method adopted for this study was simple random sampling techniques. The respondents of the study were drawn from the Faculty of Business and Management Studies (FBMS) of the Technical University. No sampling technique was used as the entire population of 98 was targeted. A structured questionnaire was developed and administered to elicit information from the respondents. A total of 98 copies of the questionnaire were strictly administered to the respondents with 96 (98%) duly answered and retrieved. Data collected were analysed using simple descriptive statistics. The study revealed that respondents’ main purpose for seeking for e-resource was to support them prepare teaching notes and writing research papers for presentation and publication. The study also brought to light that faculty’s awareness of the availability of e-resources and e-services in the library was rather of the low side. The study also revealed that majority of faculty accessed resources from the internet from open source websites using search engines as google,, MSN etc. as the main searching tools. The study also revealed lack of awareness, inadequate searching skills, lack of time, are lack searching unstable internet connectivity were also revealed to be a constraint negatively affecting smooth access to e-resources in the library. Based on findings, the study recommended increased awareness creation, regular user skills training programmes, and improved communication strategies to get the users updated and abreast on issues relating to effective access and utilization of resources in the library.