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Teaching using technologies has helped in making learning flexible, accommodating and increases potential learners. This study examines the information and communication technology assesses and use by teachers of community health nurses training school. The purposive sampling technique was used to select all the thirty teachers. The data was analysed using frequency, percentages, chi-square, bivariate correlation, t-test and linear regression. The study revealed that majority of the teachers has high competence level in ICT usage. The findings of the study showed that majority of the teachers have access to ICT tools such as computers, mobile phones, and personal digital assistants. The three major barriers hindering the integration of the use of ICT by teachers are inadequate teaching and learning materials, lack of time and high cost of ICT equipment. Results showed that ICT competence level positively and significantly correlate with access to ICT device. Again, male and female teachers ICT competence level were not significantly different from each other. We recommend that there is the need to implement policy direction to deal with issues such as provision of computer laboratories, staffing the laboratories with technology assistants in supporting ICT usage by teachers.