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Summer 2-14-2019



A survey research was conducted in Makurdi metropolis to find out the availability and utilization of school library resources in selected secondary schools, [stratified random sampling technique was used for the selection of the sample from all the secondary schools in Makurdi Metropolis. A sample of 399 secondary school students was selected from a population of 4124 using Taro-yamene formula. From 12 secondary schools. Five research objectives were formulated and five research questions were asked to guide the study. Two instrument for data collection were used. The research questions were answered using percentage frequencies and means. The main finding indicates that textbooks, newspapers, novels and magazines were the common library resources found in the school libraries. Also the students use the two library resources for the purpose of information, study and educational values. The study found that the library resources are grossly inadequate especially electronic gadgets that aid information and learning in schools in this modern age of technology. It is recommended that school management should fund library adequately so as to purchase resources and train the library staff professionally to carry out their tasks of dissemination of information to user community.