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Abstract Radical changes in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and changing context in Higher Education have placed academic libraries in Cameroon in crisis. Unprecedented changes in the information environment caused by ICTs has led to a digital revolution, causing academic libraries no choice but to move from one paradigm to another. Change and transition in this new dispensation is fundamental and irreversible. Consequence academic librarians are embracing new roles to satisfy the incessant changing needs of library patrons. This paper seeks to provide an understanding of academic libraries in Cameroon in the digital era. It takes up one of the critical issues concerning transition from traditional to digital as required in the digital information age. The paper discusses key paradigm shifts, major impetus of change, competencies for academic librarians, new roles and the way forward. The paper examines the situation of academic libraries in Cameroon, and establishes the urgent need for these libraries to accelerate transition to the new paradigm in order to remain relevant. This study is based on an in-depth review of literature and the author’s experience, and personal points of view.



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