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Summer 7-1-2019




Information gathering habit is an attempt to search for information in order to satisfy the requirements that occur out of a prerequisite to attain a goal. Here, the information system can be consulted either physically or through machine interaction. Hence one needs to be updated with the current trends in information in order to be on the fore fronts of modern generation. Based on the random sampling method sampling method used a set of questionnaires were distributed among 1200 students and 1068 questionnaires were duly received and considered for sorting. The response rate was 89%. The highest numbers of respondents were Male 386(36.14%) who used the ‘Internet’ to gather information. From the 625(58.52%) of the respondents in the category of UG, 165(15.45%) approached ‘Library’. 365(34.18%) of them used the ‘Internet’, and highest respondents belonged to the category of UG 365(34.18%) who had ‘Internet’ access to gather information. From the Male respondents, 223(20.88%) accessed the ‘Central library’, 114(10.67%) used the ‘Dept. Library’, 52(4.87%) had access to ‘Public library’. Among the total 625 (58.52%) respondents belonged to UG category, 215(20.13%) had access to ‘Central library’, and 120 (11.24%) of them used the ‘Dept. Library’, 56(5.24%) had access to the ‘public library’, 90(8.43%) accessed the ‘Personal collection’ for gathering information. The first priority was taken by the ‘Internet’ to gather information. ‘Library’ occupied the second preference as indicated by the respondents. The least preference to ‘Personal’. Male respondents prioritized the ‘Internet’ to gather information. ‘Library’ was the second preference given by the respondents. The least preference was given for ‘Personal’.



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