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In order to diligently pursue legal profession, as an undergraduate law student in a reputable institution like ours, Redeemer’s university, Nigeria, law students must cultivate the habit of an in-depth research capacity so as to articulate their minds on the legal research which lawyers are known for. As required by the law profession regulating body like Council of Legal Education that any university willing to train students to become lawyers must comply with certain criteria which among other things included the usage of Elizabeth Moys Classification Scheme in organizing law collections in law library. This paper explain the use of Elizabeth Moys classification scheme in the classification of law collections based on the experience from the classification of law collections of Redeemer’s University Law Library collections, Nigeria. The focus of this paper is to further simplify the use of class KP as it focuses more on jurisdiction (Own country). Nigeria was used as a practical example. Table I and II in this work simplify the use of the scheme by eliciting basic information needed to classify Nigeria jurisdiction collections. Effort was put in place to appropriately modify the main 5th edition of the Moys scheme for easy usage. The explanatory design method was used for this study as the methodology of the work. An observation method was also used to compare and identify the relationship between the existing library of congress being used and the adopted Moys classification scheme used for the classification of law collections. The funding of this work showed that there is difference in the class K of Library of Congress Classification Scheme (LCcs) and the Moys Classification Scheme. The result also shown that Moys Classification Scheme covered all areas of subjects of law in its schedule and tables and explains all subject areas of law. The implication of this result is that Moys classification scheme is the most suitable for the classification of law collections. This is because the scheme is dedicated the classification of law subjects alone. The usage of the scheme will also enhance uniformity and consortium among law libraries in Nigeria and the global world.



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