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Spring 4-22-2019


Self-development is one of the core aspirations of Library and Information Science (LIS) professionals as they get employed in any library institution or other organizations. Librarians aspire to move from one level to another in their years of active services rather than depending on salaries and promotions for survival. More so, investing energy, expertise, ideas and capital in entrepreneurship ventures is worthwhile for achieving high level self-development. The paper explored the concept of entrepreneurship and self-development, entrepreneurial opportunities in library and information science (LIS) profession, ways entrepreneurship enhances self-development of LIS professionals, sources of capital for entrepreneurial ventures in LIS and challenges associated with enhancement of librarians’ self-development through entrepreneurship ventures. Based on the established facts in the discourse, it was recommended that financial institutions should make policies that will be favorable to entrepreneurs for easy access to loans; library managements should encourage librarians to engage in self-development programmes; the government should create policies that will be favorable to young investors; and the government should control and reduce the rate of revenues and taxes been imposed on entrepreneurial ventures.



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