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Spring 4-21-2019

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Ibrahim,S. , & Beigh,I. N. (2019). Contribution of the UK Open Access Repositories to OpenDOAR. Library Philosophy and Practice



Purpose: The study aims to shed light on the growth and development of open repositories of the UK based on six parameters i.e. repository type, language, software usage, subject coverage, content type, and operational status.

Methodology: Directory of Open Access Repositories (Open DOAR) was consulted to extract the data on the selected parameters. As on 23rd January 2019, a total of 278 repositories were indexed by Open DOAR. OpenDOAR is the quality-assured global directory of academic open access repositories which enables the identification, browsing and search for repositories, based on a range of features, such as location, software or type of material held (OpenDOAR, 2019). All identified repositories were thoroughly analyzed to collect data to answer the laid-down objectives and repository websites were personally visited in order to ascertain the operational status.

Findings: The results reveal that most of the repositories are institutional with English as the preferred language interface. In terms of software used by the corresponding repositories, Eprints stays a preference. Most repositories are found to be multidisciplinary in nature. Content-wise information shows that the majority of the repositories archive journal articles and the majority of the repositories are operational in nature.

Research implications: The study will be of help to the repository administrators across the UK to know the actual position of repositories used for content management. It will reveal the actual position and help in eradicating the lacunae present in the repositories.

Future research: The study can be extended to know the use of the content of the repositories dotting the UK.

Keywords: Open Access; Open Access Repositories; Green OA; OpenDOAR; Scholarly communication

Article type: Research