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Summer 4-19-2019


This paper focuses on the application of ICTs in academic libraries as an emergent trend in academic library service delivery. It is strongly believed that libraries of the 21st century are experiencing changes in different areas of their services delivery. This paper, however, believes that this change is championed by the introduction of ICT in these libraries. Literature hold that ICT application in libraries is of utmost importance due to its numerous benefits. Among these benefits are; increase in effectiveness and efficiency of library services, reduction in time of information access, location and retrieval, saving of library’s physical space, etc. Amidst its numerous benefits in library service delivery, some academic libraries are yet to fully apply these ICTs in their services. To some academic libraries where these ICTs are applied, there are numerous challenges facing its utilization. This paper seeks to uncover the service delivery impact of ICTs and the challenges facing the application of the ICTs in academic libraries. In conclusion, ICTs are vital components for library development as well as the promotion of library service delivery and this paper recommends its full application in academic libraries to enhance effective and efficient library services delivery



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