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This study aims to determine the behavior of serendipity information seeking among Airlangga University lecturers in the collection of e-journal of Airlangga University library. The method used in this research is quantitative descriptive. In this case the researcher will describe serendipity in information seeking behavior, as well as see the extent to which the form of library e-journal collection is used. The object of this research is among lecturers in the Airlangga University environment. Serendipity in information search behavior of e-journal collection is supported by the experience of lecturers in conducting information searches, as well as support from the e-journal system itself. The results of this study indicate that serendipity information on information search behavior belongs to the high category. Research on information seeking behavior has been carried out a lot, but serendipity research on information seeking behavior is still very rarely done, especially in Indonesia, there is still no research related to it.



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