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The collaboration is perceived as an effort in enhancing the capabilities and is also considered as a mechanism for information sharing. It is generally accepted that scientific collaboration is beneficial to both less advanced countries and highly industrialized countries. Normally collaborative coefficient, Degree of collaboration, modified collaborative coefficient, collaborative index were used to measure the collaborated papers. The collaborated papers reach and unreach index was identified in this study. Similarly, RF factors of authorship pattern of collaborated research publications were identified. Further, whether collaborated papers reach the user or solo research paper reach the user were analysed.

A new derived method of Measures of reach of scientific output was made using Reach percentage (RP); Reach Activity Index (RAI); Unreached/Reach Activity Index (URAI) and Unreached Activity Index (UAI). In order to identify the reach of the publications, the research publications of similar nature on a particular domain governed by the policy maker were taken up for the study. In this study the Indian Institute of Management, Internationally well-known management institution, were taken up for the study with the opinion that these publications were reached globally. This study identified the factors that attributed for reach and richness of publications seems to be meaningful instead of taking citation alone has criteria to predict the value of the paper.



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