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Winter 11-23-2019


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Health professional’s skillin helping maternal emergency cases isa critical factor contributing to maternal and sudden infant death. Expanding Maternal and Neonatal Survival programs, therefore,initiateda training so-called emergency drill simulation. This research aims to find the effectivity of midwiferycommunication strategy in the emergency drill simulation forsharpening partnership and expertise of the midwifery in a groupdealing with childbirth emergency. This research uses qualitative methodand a case study as an approach. The informants of this research are the head division of customer care, head of the delivery room, and the paramedic mentor of Expanding Maternal Neonatal Survival in Karawang Regional Hospital. The research concludes that effective communication among midwifery is essential so that each communicant in the group emergency drill should understand the rationale behind the actions and decision taken. This activity could be one of the measuresto improve midwifery’s skill before applying it to the patientsin a real situation. This research is essential for communication discourse, especially in terms of group communication, since it shows that each communicant in a group affects each other before having the same perception towards a case to complete group’s mission.