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In Zimbabwe, the constitution indicates the freedom of expression, at the same time noting the need for individuals to respective individual rights, including non-violent behaviours towards others in the process of one’s expression. In addition, different legislative acts have been instituted to prevent and alleviate violence within communities. For instance, public libraries are governed by the National Library Documentation Services that stipulates conduct of library staff members and patrons. Since several public libraries are managed by local authorities, there are also bylaws that indicate the kind of behaviour that individual stakeholders are supposed to conform to. In addition, libraries have their own rules and regulation that specify on the kind of conduct and behaviour that staff and patrons are supposed to conform to. Conversely, even with these legislations, policies, procedures, rules and regulations, public libraries in Zimbabwe still face several behavioural challenges, including violent behaviour from patrons and community members. Regrettably, there has been inadequate literature and research around violence in libraries within a Zimbabwe context. Even within the global context, there is lack of contemporary research on violence within public libraries. Therefore, using a case of Gweru public libraries in Zimbabwe, this study endeavoured to reveal the causes of violent behaviour within such libraries. Furthermore, the premise of the study was also to expose the effects of violent behaviour within the libraries, as well as mitigation strategies that the libraries could put in place to address violent behaviour.



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