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Summer 8-21-2019


National integration is a unity of purpose in diversity that tends to paint a picture of a society that portrays the feeling of oneness and togetherness as one nation, that, despite the citizens differences in term of race, religion, culture, creed and cast, yet their co-existence is devoid of any form of political sentiment. National integration for national development is not realizable without the provision of access to right and adequate information. As it is a common practice for Library to provide access to information and also make available, an avenue for individuals to subjectively investigate matters that bothered on national integration, hence, the need for libraries of all types to re-position their services toward that, which encourage national integration, and subsequently foster national development. In doing this, libraries are encountered with some challenges such as insufficient funding; poor infrastructural facilities among others, and to overcome these challenges libraries need the support of an individual, organization and government through adequate funding and provision of information infrastructure and other facilities.