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An attempt has been triggered in this paper to slice the features of data sorting capabilities of UNESCO’s Java CDS/ISIS application (Saravanan, T. 2018b & 2018c). J-ISIS was initiated by UNESCO and further developed by Jean-claude Dauphin (2016). J-ISIS clears maximum WinISIS limitations and restrictions. J-ISIS includes the CDS/ISIS concepts to keep the assets and experience of the users. The effectiveness and efficiency of J-ISIS data sorting technique is evaluated in this paper. A bibliographic database comprising 1641 records is opted to test the J-ISIS sorting features. The database contains 17 fields, subfields and repeatable field. J-ISIS data sorting technique is very fast and more effective than the other techniques as J-ISIS adopts Berkeley DB to store all the records of a database and Lucene for creating Inverted files. J-ISIS has an embedded Web Browser, which helps to display the records in variety of the formats. J-ISIS time consumption to sort 1641 records with the 17 fields, subfields and repeatable field in text format is 17188 milliseconds for name, 31724 milliseconds for department, 30204 milliseconds for department & yr, and 29503 milliseconds for department & yr & name. To sort the records in html format, J-ISIS consumed 17448 milliseconds for name, 35024 milliseconds for department, 35486 milliseconds for department & yr, and 36143 milliseconds for department & yr & name. The results prove that the sorting techniques of J-ISIS are excellent in information processing and retrieval.This paper explores the sorting features of J-ISIS only, and no other applications/features are discussed.



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