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Information is a very useful asset that is indispensable in the day-to-day operations of human beings. There is the need for people to be aware of the importance of information and how to make use of it in all their endeavours. Thus, inability of students to identify, locate, evaluate and make use of information whenever the need arises for it has necessitated the need to conduct a study on information literacy instruction and undergraduate learning activities. The study was carried out among the undergraduate students of Federal University of Technology, Akure and a descriptive survey technique was employed as research method. A random sampling technique was adopted to select only three departments from the school of sciences which were purposively picked because of its being the largest school in Federal University of Technology, Akure. A random sampling method was equally employed to choose thirty students from each of the departments. A structured questionnaire which was validated and reliably tested at 0.68 was distributed to 90 students. Data was analysed using counts and percentages and it was discovered that information literacy truly exists in the institution though it assumes different forms and has impact on students’ learning activities. It was concluded that information literacy instruction is very important for learning activities of undergraduate students in the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State.