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Summer 8-14-2019


Librarians’ performance is getting tasks and duties assigned completed at the expected time, through an effective and efficient manner. Librarians’ performance seems to be low in the libraries located in North-East Nigeria where they work. Motivational factors stimulate individuals to put in their best to see to the completion of an assigned duty/task. Literature has not being fully established on how motivational factors influence job performance of librarians in North-East Nigeria Federal University libraries. It is on this premise that this study aimed to find out the influence of motivational factors on job performance of librarians in Federal University libraries in North-East Nigeria.

Survey research design was used in this research. The population of the study was 275 librarians from the six Federal University libraries in North-East Nigeria. Total enumeration technique was employed. A validated self-constructed structured questionnaire was used for data collection. A response rate of 61% was achieved. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive

The findings revealed descriptively that librarians’ job performance was moderate at an overall mean score of 2.80 on a five point Likert scale with quantity of work output being the least score of 2.69. The extent to which librarians were motivated had an overall mean score of 2.00 which showed a low extent of motivation on a five Likert type scale. The most prevalent motivational factor is compensation (Mean = 2.07) while recognition of librarians was X=1.87, which indicates that librarians in these institutions were not recognized.

The study concluded that motivational factors in these federal university libraries in north-east Nigeria were low, therefore recommending that there should be an increase in the extent of motivation management of the library. Also, there be encouragement to improve performance of librarians in the libraries by the management of the libraries and the institution at large



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