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The study analyses the majority of the respondents 221 (42.5%) are assistant professors/ lecturers/senior lecturers, and 195 (37.5%) of them are associate professors followed by 104 (20%) of the respondents are professors. 331 (26.7%) of the respondents followed by the use of e-magazines by 182 (14.7%) respondents. The data shows that a large number of 263 (50.6%) of the respondents are “Highly Satisfied” with the lecturing materials followed by 257 (49.4%) of the respondents “Satisfied” with e-resources offering lecturing materials. This data presents that a large number of respondents 265 (51.0%) prefer gateway portal to a “Large Extent’ and 139 (26.7%) of the respondents prefer to a “Very Large Extent”. On the other hand, it has also been noticed that 105 (20.2%) of the respondents are “Less satisfied” whereas 11 (2.1%) of the respondents opted “No Comment”.



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