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The study analyzes the access attitude on the Scholarly Information through Electronic Resources among Faculty members in the Universities of Southern Tamilnadu. The study found that Madurai Kamaraj University and Alagappa University have respondents of each 130 (34.21%), 85 (22.36%) respondents are belonging to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. It could be seen that out of 380 respondents, 177 (46.57 %) are belonging to faculty of Science. It is understood that 104 (27.36 %) respondents are coming under faculty of Arts, 52 (13.68%) of them belonging to faculty of Management, 47 (12.39%) respondents are from faculty of Education. Out of 380 respondents, Assistant Professor Respondents are found 265 (69.74%) which is followed by Professor Respondents 65(17.11%) and Associate Professor Respondents 50 (13.15%). 380 (100%) respondents are aware of E-Resources available in the University Library. the majority of 259 (98.50%) respondents are got training from the University Library for accessing the E – Resources and Only 4 (1.50%) male respondents are not getting training from the University Library. It is also seen that out of 117 (30.80%) female respondents.



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