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Winter 8-8-2019


Open Access (OA) is an alternative business model for the publication of scholarly journals. It makes articles freely available to readers on the Internet and covers the costs associated with publication through means other than subscriptions. Online Journal System (OJS) is an end to end publishing management platform offered by Public Knowledge Project (PKU) which will help Journal publishers and content developers to manage its journal website along with managing pre-publishing editorial activities including manuscript management, peer review process & publishing process. The OJS platform will cover all aspects of online journal publishing, from establishing a journal website to operational tasks such as the author's submission process, peer review, editing, publication, archiving, and indexing of the journal. It also helps to manage the people facets of organizing a journal, including keeping track of the articles, the work done by the editors, reviewers, and authors, notifying readers, and assisting with the communication. In this paper, we try to discuss the practical challenges and way to overcome it which we implemented Rajagiri Journals through OJS platform



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