Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



In the last couple of decades, significant changes have been taken place in all spheres of life. These changes have been imposing challenges to almost all the professions and professionals. The library and information science (LIS) profession and professionals are not spared from it. Generally, the libraries are known as buildings with stacks of books and signs of silence everywhere. The computers and the Internet have revolutionized common man a lot. It has not only changed the working process but also thought process as well. Today, the user wants authentic information with a click of the mouse and if libraries are unable to fulfill their information needs the existence of libraries expected to get questioned. In this study, efforts are being made to assess the state of public libraries in Punjab which somewhere are not meeting the users’ information demands. The use of information technology in these libraries is not encouraging which reflected through the below standard library services being rendered by these libraries. Only State Central Library Patiala is considered as purely an automated library which also has a digital wing to digitize manuscripts available with it, rest other public libraries of Punjab are in pathetic condition.



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