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Winter 8-4-2019

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Ayolugbe, C. I., Igwe, N. J. & Ogwo, U. (2019). Entrepreneurship Education: A Viable Tool in Enhancing Post Basic in Awka Education Zone, Anambra State, Nigeria.



The study investigated entrepreneurship Education as a viable tool in enhancing Post Basic Education in Awka Education Zone in Anambra State. Descriptive survey design was adopter for the study. The population of the study is 11,726 which comprised the male and female students at Post Basic Level, the male are 4,070 and the female are 6,656 all are senior students in various schools in Awka Education Zone. Disproportionate stratified sampling technique was adopted for selecting 262 respondents, 186 males and 76 females. Two research questions and one hypothesis guided the study. Questionnaire containing 16 items were the instrument for data collection. The instrument were validated by three experts, two from Educational Management and Planning, one from measurement and evaluation, all from Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University: The validated instrument were trial-tested using 20 respondents which comprised 15 females and 5 male senior student at Enugu state which is outside the study area. Cronbach Alpha technique was used for its determination of the internal consistency of the instrument which gave the reliability coefficient value of 0.76 and 0.81 and overall reliability value of 0.91 was obtained. Mean and standard deviation were used in analyzing the data. The major findings of the study was revealed that government should fund entrepreneurship education, teachers should utilized the available instructional materials given to them, the school management should from time to time invite resource persons to sensitize both the teachers and students on entrepreneurship and the school management should endeavour to organize in-house seminar, workshop and symposia in order to ensure the students acquire skills for self-reliance. Base on the findings, it was recommended among others that government in Anambra state should fund entrepreneurship in all and sundry, there should be in-house vocational training by the school management, employment of qualified teachers and field trip as an activity method should be implemented.