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Rapid advances in Information Technologies (ICTs) have acted as a catalyst for educational information, and are making strides in the advancement of education. Blended learning environment improves the quality of education because it deals with designing and delivery of the right content in the right format using the right mix of media which have changed most patterns of traditional services and information processing and handling as well as information dissemination to suit the changes in the global village. This paper is an expository one that explores blended learning via digital library, reasons for blended learning, blended learning environment and national development as well as benefit, advantages, disadvantages, challenges, and it recommended that blended learning environment should be encouraged in all institutions. It also state clearly the importance of e-resource management for improving studies and researcher work in other to ensure sustainability and concluded that librarians must extend services, methods and practices, developing innovative approaches to guarantee free and universal relevant information, and to ensure that the world’s citizenry have access to the information for development and growth of the society and for participation in this democratic processes via blended learning environment.

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