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Professional development is the process where professionals stay up-to-date information, skills, and abilities which required working effectively in their profession. It is assumed that professionals have to maintain professional competency, involve in professional development and skill enhancement activities. The library professionals are catering library services to its users with growing demand of users; there are not enough studies are conducted about the need for professional development and ICT skills for medical library professionals in Gujarat. It is very much important to evaluate the needs of professional development and skills enhancement programme in medical educational institutions. The cross-sectional study was conducted among the library professionals. The present study has utilized a survey method. The questionnaire is a combination of closed and open-ended questions. There are 19 medical college libraries in the study area, among them 18 medical college libraries have responded. The findings has presented in form of tables and figures after carefully data analysis. There is need to encourage library professionals to participate in workshop, conference and seminars to stay themselves updated with current trends in modern library. The study found that library staff in the Medical College Libraries has not adequate.



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