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Access is a fundamental issue in archives administration and information management. This study investigated the perception of searchers to access regulations in National Archives of Nigeria. A descriptive survey was adopted for the study with questionnaire and interview as the research instruments. One hundred copies of the questionnaire were administered on searchers who were students of tertiary institutions, scholars, legal practitioners, litigants, government officials and politicians, and seventy-two copies were returned and analyzed. Interviews were also conducted with some of the searchers who were randomly selected. The study revealed that searchers, with varying level of education, used records in the National Archives of Nigeria for research, informational, litigation and administrative purposes. They were familiar with the access regulations of the institution some of which they considered repugnant and a hindrance to research work and, therefore, due for review. Based on the findings, the study recommended a review of some of the regulations to improve access and to eliminate incessant conflicts between the staff of the institution and its patrons.



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