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Fall 9-9-2019


The paper is a research study based on survey, which was conducted in the region of Bhubaneswar of Odisha State of India, hence, some of the fruitful results are drawn, which will be very useful for the concerned engineering institutions for upgradation of their libraries, removing lacunas and providing quality services to their patterns.


The aim of the present study is to explore the current status of engineering college libraries in Bhubaneswar region of Odisha, India. A questionnaire based survey has been conducted in the selected engineering college libraries in Bhubaneswar region of Odisha and tried to assess the current status of staff, collection, services, Information Technology infrastructure, etc. The copies of well structured questionnaire have been distributed among the ten engineering college libraries in Bhubaneswar in the month of March 2019, out of which, six college libraries have been responded positively. It was found that all the responded engineering college libraries were providing Internet and Wi-Fi services and have adopted open access system to its collection. The library of ITER has the highest number of books (1,25,000) in its collection, whereas, the library of CVRCOE has 65,874 and the SIOT has 60,800 books. Further, The library of CVRCOE has 1,19,526 e-books and 778 e-journals, whereas, the library of ITER has 1,00,000 e-books and the library of HCOE has 5,000 e-books in its collection. It is also found that all the libraries under study were automated their activities and services with the implementation of professional library management software, as well as offering open access to its collection. Based on the findings, the researchers were also suggested that all the libraries under study must be concentrate on service quality and for that, libraries should regularly take the feedback from the users so that necessary improvement can be done as per the actual prerequisite of the users’.



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