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Summer 8-27-2019


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The study aimed to analysis of research productivity of LIS professionals in 2004-2013. Present study is based on survey, interview, observation, curriculum vitae of the LIS Professionals. Some points have been studied in this paper such as Gender Wise Research Productivity, Language Wise Research Productivity, Types of Research Productivity, Used of Authorship Pattern for Research, Use of Communication Channels for Research, Purpose of Research and Financial Support for Research. During study period there were totals 303 research publications in symposia, seminars, conferences, journals, books, books chapter and research project etc. Highest 29.04% research papers were published in conferences during study period. In 2013 LIS Professionals have published highest 87 (28.71%) research papers. Patil S.N. is the most prolific author who has contributed 30 (9.90%) research papers in symposia, seminar, conference, journal, book chapter, books during study period. Majority of LIS Professionals 20 (32.25%) used journals communications channels for their research publications.



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