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In academic libraries, information resources are increasing at an alarming rate due to information explosion and development in information and communication technology. Open access resources available for access are also increasing. Academic libraries are putting their best effort to make the process of conducting literature search much easier as users find it difficult to search for literature on a given research topic through several types of resources separately. This necessitated the integration of information resources for easy access. A Web-Scale Discovery tool integrates library subscribed content, library catalogue, digital repositories, open access resources and offers a search and retrieval interface for the users to access the required information easily and quickly. To support users in conducting an effective literature search, KMC Health Sciences Library, MAHE, Manipal has implemented Web-scale Discovery Service, named it as Single Window Search and provided access in Library web portal. The objective of the study was to understand the awareness and satisfaction on different features and modules available at the Single Window Search tool among the library users at KMC Health Sciences Library, MAHE, Manipal. The study revealed that almost all users (92.16%) who participated in the study were aware of the Basic Searching (Title, Keyword, Author) feature of the single window search tool. From the study, it is understood that more than 60.78% of users are satisfied with Basic Searching option and 45.10% of users are satisfied with the Advanced Searching option provided in Single Window Search tool.



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