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Summer 9-2019


This study was carried out at Narh-Bita College Library for the purpose of getting the College authorities to fix the identified problems in the library. So it has not been submitted anywhere for publication and it is the original work of the Acting Librarian of the College.


Information and communication technologies have revolutionized how information is delivered to information consumers in the 21st century. Information can now be obtained just with a click of a button. For this reason, libraries are faced with the challenge of maintaining their clientel base. Therefore, user satisfaction of libraries' resources and services has become the major focus for most libraries. User satisfaction has been found to be an important factor that affects the use or non use of libraries. The study investigated the utilization and user satisfaction of the resources and services of the Narh-Bita College Library, Ghana. The study employed a descriptive survey research design and a total of sixty (60) questionnaires were conveniently distributed to users of the Narh-Bita College Library. Data obtained was analyzed using frequency counts and simple percentages. The results showed that the library users were generally satisfied with the resources and services of the library. The study also recommended that some improvements would have to be carried out in terms of the general serenity of the library environment and electronic collection aspect of the library



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