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The purpose of this paper is to determine the awareness and use of cloud computing services and technology among library personnel and library users in selected university libraries in Gujarat, India. A detailed survey was piloted using structured set of questionnaires among 210 library users which comprised of post graduate students, research scholars and faculty of the respective university and 15 senior library professionals participated in the survey. Study discovered that 78.57% of library users and 80% of library staff are aware about cloud technology. They are using multiple devices for cloud computing and 65.71% of library users using Laptop and 31.41% of them using smart phone, tablets and ipads. Majority of professional library staff use desktop and expressed that cloud technology is very useful in providing library services. Maximum 96% of respondents using Gmail services, 52.44% video service through YouTube, 65.78% using Google drive for file storage & sharing services. It is observed that library personnel used less of event calendar and online presentation. They are using cloud technology for acquisition and technical work data import and export purpose. 73.33% of library staff expressed that library services is improved by using cloud technology and overall 66.67% of them are satisfied with application of existing cloud technology in university library. It is also perceived that majority of library professionals stated that basic training is required to use advanced cloud technology in university library. Study concluded with the recommendations to enhance library services with maximum utilization of available cloud technology in university library.