Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



In the third millennium, people look forward for ushering the innovations and people's rapport is getting more and more convenient with the growth of social media tools. The usages of social media by libraries encompass a vast array of platforms with many contingencies features containing new ways for library patrons in terms of promoting their information services and products. This paper delineates elaborately the incorporation of social media by East West University Library (EWU, L), Bangladesh as it is one of the precursor academic libraries in Bangladesh where all forms of contemporary technologies and services have been integrating with great importance. This library has been practicing a variety of social media tools, which have been explored from personal observation and practical experiences. The effectiveness of the diversified use of social media tools in academic libraries in order to maximize the usage of library collections and services as well as to fulfill the user's contentment have been figured out from the blended efforts of analyzing different relevant documents as well as the features of existing popular social networking platforms.