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Aim: The study aims to assess the Saudi Arabian publications on dentistry and their citation impact as reflected in the Web of Science (WoS).

Methods: WoS database categorized dental research under “Dentistry Oral Surgery Medicine”. Dental sciences publications with citation impact by Saudi Arabian affiliated authors produced during 2009-2018 have been searched by using suitable searching strategy and dental research of 10 randomly selected countries has been carried out for comparison. The downloaded data was transferred into Microsoft Excel format to measure the bibliometric indicators and citation impact of publications.

Results: A total of 1,771 documents on dentistry were published by Saudi Arabia from the time span of 2009 to 2018. These publications received a total of 10,320 citations with an average of 5.83 citations per paper. The subcategory of “Engineering biomedical” in dentistry got maximum citation impact. Review articles received higher citations as compared to original research articles. Dataset by organizations showed that the research carried out in the hospital sector have a higher number of citations as compared to teaching institutions. The research collaboration by Saudi Arabian authors with the researchers of the University of Michigan, USA got maximum citations while by country analysis shows that research collaboration with Italy, Germany and Japan have more citations as compared to the US, Egypt and England.

Conclusion: Although there is promising growth in dental research in Saudi Arabia, even then researchers need to write on the novel and innovative ideas to get global attention and citations. Articles published in Q1 impact factor journals and research collaboration with talent-rich countries got higher citations.



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