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Aim: To investigate the status of research productivity and publication trends of Al-Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU) during the period of 2009 to 2018.

Method: A quantitative and retrospective research method was used. Publications data of IMSIU researchers have been retrieved from Scopus database published during the period of ten years from January 2009 to December 2018. The retrieved dataset has been transferred in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to analyse the bibliometric indicators, as the growth of publications by year, subject stratification, national and international collaboration, frequently used journals and productive authors.

Results: IMSIU affiliated researchers have produced 2010 documents with an average of 201 documents per year. These documents received 12,594 citations, with citation impact of 6.26. Majority of the research has been conducted on the subjects of Engineering, Computer Sciences and Physics & Astronomy. King Saud University with 435 publications found top preference in research collaborative at the national level while at an international level, Université de Gabès, Tunisia with 159 publications stand on the top. Research collaboration analysis by country shows that Egypt is on the top 324 documents. Frequently used journals and 20 most productive authors in term of the number of publications have also been identified.

Conclusion: Growth in the tendency of publications was found by IMSIU expect the year 2017. Open access documents received a higher number of citations. The ratio of Scopus based publications in proportion to the number of faculty and students is not very encouraging. Young faculty and students should involve in the research process to enhance publication output.



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