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Summer 7-19-2019


Presently, information professionals are progressively dependent on information and communication technologies to complete their everyday tasks. As, result dependence on PC frameworks, programming and data innovation-related technologies are increasing for better working and providing quality services. Therefore, to understand, analyze and evaluate the acceptance and use of this technology several models of technology acceptance and use have been formulated in information science literature. Using eight such models, Venkatesh, Morris, Davis and Davis proposed a unified model called the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology or (UTAUT) model. The UTAUT model has been studied and analyzed in various spheres including education, banking, health, tourism, e-government services and its recent application in the personality studies. The application of UTAUT model to the core constructs of big five personality traits have been utilized to predict the adoption and usage of technology according to different personality types such as neurotic, open to experience, extravert, conscientious and agreeable



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