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Winter 7-15-2019



Social media provides more opportunity for libraries to reach the user community, target specific audiences, and give them a chance to interact with the library. The whole business of library is about connecting people with information and this is what social media is really all about. Social media helps in reaching out to user communities and providing them with needed information in an accessible way. Social media marketing of libraries is a way of advertising the library and its brand products and services via web technologies. By using social media in marketing, libraries can engage with their clienteles and enable them utilize library products and services effectively. Social media includes networking web sites like Facebook, Myspace, microblogging web sites like Twitter and other media like YouTube, wikis, blogs, podcasts, etc. By posting library materials on library page via social media, users can access these resources from various locations on the Web. This research paper gives brief explanation on various key concepts associated with the topic of discussion, the types of social media tools use for marketing are highlighted and discussed, the perceived benefits of marketing library and information resources and services using social media platforms, challenges and strategies to overcome the challenges of marketing library and information resources and services using social media platforms were clearly highlighted and finally, recommendations were provided based on the challenges highlighted in this paper.