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Winter 7-15-2019

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The author is a practicing librarian working in Benue State School of Nursing, Makurdi.



Library is meant to be keenly involved in social, economic, cultural and lifelong learning of the people. It is the only institution that offers free access to knowledge to both high and the lowly citizens. Yet it is not accorded high priority in planning and development by governing institutions. Libraries have always had to justify their existence to sponsor as they are not considered as ‘essential’ as compared to sectors like health, education, roads, etc. It is now time for librarians to rethink what library is all about, what is needed, what will be used and what is sustainable in our environment. It is time other people outside the profession be reminded of the relevance of libraries for National development. Perhaps that is why the National Federation of Women’s Institute (NFWI) announced a joint lobby of parliament calling on politicians to protect vital library services. Librarians’ voices must become audible in convincing everyone including the grassroots, legislators and leaders at all levels on the need to let libraries exist positively. This research assignment gives an insight into lobbying and advocacy as marketing strategies for libraries survival in Nigeria. The paper discussed the various key concepts that are associated with the topic as well as the importance of lobbying and advocacy in Nigerian libraries. The paper also looked at the techniques used by librarians for lobbying and advocating in libraries as well as the challenges affecting lobbying and advocacy in libraries. The paper was concluded with recommendations such as Improvement in leadership of libraries and information centre; there is need for leadership of libraries to improve their leadership styles by using their salient position to project the image of the library when this is done; they would have succeeded in paving the way for easy lobbying and advocacy. Good rapport between Heads of libraries and policy makers: various heads of libraries should ensure they maintain good relationship with policy makers in their institution, good relationship between both parties can also pave way for successful lobbying and advocacy among others.