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Digital literacy is essentially an indispensable skill as technology is rapidly evolving and so is advancement in information resources, especially digital resources. As the use of digital resources continue to rise within higher institutions of learning, students are expected to develop the required digital literacy skills. Digital literacy skill is a basic requirement for students to function effectively in the information society, which is experiencing a paradigm shift from print resources to digital resources. Hence, digital literacy skill becomes very important since the use of digital resources depend on the competences in using digital resources. In the fast-growing knowledge society, information literacy has become one of the most important skills. This is because students with research information needs will most likely use digital resources if they have the skills required for their effective usage. Whilst information literacy seems to be a term that is mostly associated with higher education, its application to digital resources is yet to be widely exploited. In order to foster the development of digital literacy skills through institutional curriculum, this study explores the dimensional constructs of digital literacy with the aim of having students who can use digital tools to advance learning and keeping up with changing technologies as well as become global digital citizens. The dimensional constructs of digital literacy as outlined in this study are important in the use of digital resources because of the proliferation of digital information presently experienced due to a series of developmental digital activities in our world.