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Summer 7-2019


Dear Editor

I am submitting a paper entitled- "Mapping the Indian Contribution in Pathogen Research during 2008-2017: A Scientometric Analysis" for publication in your journal. You are requested to kindly accept it. Further i certify that this is a original work of authors and not communicated any other journal for publication.


The present study mainly examines the growth rate of publications in the field of Pathogen research in India during the period of 2008-2017. The study based on Scopus databases and using scientometric tools. It reveals that a total 13070 of publications were published from the marked period of study. our analysis includes the year wise publications output, annual growth rate, compound annual growth rate, relative growth rate and doubling time, most productive authors, documents wise distribution of publications etc., and found that the maximum 1925 (14.73%) of research papers were published in the year 2016, followed by 1896 (14.51%) of publication in 2017. The maximum 36.541 annual growth rate was recorded in the year 2011, and 0.1189 CAGR was recorded in the year 2009. The maximum RGR 0.82 was recorded in the year 2009, and the highest doubling time 4.414 was recorded in the year 2017. The highest 69 publications were contributed by Dhama, K. and the maximum 10909 documents were ‘Article’ type.



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