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aim: The aim of this study was, to calculate the amount and decade-wise growth of scientific articles publish under the caption of original and review articles, case and short reports, and special and short communications in the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) during the period of 1978 – 2017.

Methods: The data of 480 issues of JPMA was manually retrieved and collected to tabulate in Microsoft Excel 2010 from the website of the journal for the period 1978 - 2017.

Results: This study showed that 5796 articles were published (n=1449 per decade, 120.7 per annum) during the period of 1978 – 2017. Original articles 3750; 7.8% were published as per issue and take the highest position followed by 1281; 266 per issue and short communications 114; 0.23 take the least position in the space in four decades of publishing period. The fourth decade produced 72% more publications than first, 53.2% second and 40.8% a third decade.

Conclusion: This study showed that the remarkable inclusion of articles in the decade to decade. The new decade produced more research instead of a previous decade. It is helpful to researchers for contributions to research in health sciences.



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