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Summer 11-2019




Purpose: This study aims to provide a comparative analysis on knowledge hierarchy taking into account countries such as India, China and United States of America on digital library perspective research from 2007 to 2017.

Methodology: This study covers articles published in the Web of Science database where 242 articles were taken into consideration and further analysis was done for the stipulated time period.

Findings: The research trend of digital library in India consists of 15 core topics and other specific areas, China with 15 core areas as well for the same time period and U.S.A showed 17 core topics for research in digital library topic. The countries most researchable areas as well as related researchable areas has been analysed here. The growth of digital libraries in these countries are highlighted with appropriate diagram.

Originality: Here the articles were extracted from Web of Science database for obtaining necessary findings. Major highlighted topics of India were digital library architecture/infrastructure (20.58%), whereas digital library services (11.76%) was the most researchable area of China and USA emphasised more on digital library collections (19.74%).



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