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Alibeigi, A., Munir, A., & Ershadul karim, Md. (2019). Right to Privacy, a Complicated Concept to Review. Library Philosophy and Practice.


The Concept and definition of the privacy has been changed during the time affecting by different factors. At the same time, the boundaries of privacy may differ from one place to another affecting by the culture, religion, etc. Nonetheless, there is not a unique general accepted definition for the privacy. Privacy has been considered from different disciplines like sociology, psychology, law and philosophy. It is a multidisciplinary domain, having an easy concept but difficult to define. However, by reviewing all different viewpoints, it can be concluded that privacy is an individual tendency, wish and natural need to be away from others’ control and surveillance. Moreover, it is the physical as well as impalpable limits of an individual who likes to be free from others intrusion. The present review, is a doctrinal legal study on background, concept, limits and legal development of privacy through comparative and descriptive approach in order to offer a general and understandable idea of the right to privacy.