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Fall 9-16-2019


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Purpose – The core purpose of this study is to explore the web-based library services available in icddr,b Library. In addition, this research aims to investigate the adoption and utilisation of subscribed, registered and open access e-resources by the scientists and researchers at icddr,b Library. The existing facilities that influenced smooth usage of web-based information services of icddr,b library have been assessed. The study involved scientists and researchers of icddr,b.

Design/methodology/approach – The study used a mixed-method research design using case study approach. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used. An online survey was conducted in June 2017 to ascertain the present status of web-based library facilities and services of icddr,b library. The online survey questionnaire link was distributed through “Google Forms” directed to the most potential researchers (557) of icddr,b.

Findings – The findings revealed that participants were moderately aware of the library subscribed and registered e-resources. The study also explored key challenges hindering effective usage of the databases in the library. It discovered that lack of awareness of the databases, low speed internet connectivity, inadequate online databases and lack of skills in searching the databases. Suggestions were also made on the way forward in combating these challenges. The study also indicated that e-resources are very useful to researchers, PubMed and Hinari are the most used databases. Furthermore, it was strongly recommended that the library should market and explore more online resources to attract more users and to do more effective research at icddr,b.

Study Limitations: The present study is confined to the current status and trend of using e-resources used by the researchers of icddr,b. The study highlights on the types of web-based resources and services available in icddr,b Library and a small number of samples (213) are covered in this study.

Practical implications: Many years later, the icddr,b library will receive a greater impact than present in terms of facilities and services. Other libraries in Bangladesh will also be motivated to develop Intranet site and provide library services through Intranet in respective organization. Ultimately, new system of libraries will be developed and users will be benefited using this new system.

Social implications: Library community and others society of Bangladesh will be benefited in reading and using this article.

Originality/value – Many papers have been written on electronic resources, but this study specifically focused on subscribed, open access and registered online resources, and it is the first time that an investigation has been made on the use of electronic resources by library users in icddr,b library. The results of the study could be useful for icddr,b Library and other medical libraries in Bangladesh in ensuring that there is a high use of web-based library facilities and services. So that other libraries in Bangladesh will be inspired and encouraged to introduce digital tool facilities and services in libraries of Bangladesh.



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