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The basic problems of SME actors are capital and marketing. the internet and social media have become widely used media in conducting marketing communication strategies. The problem is that there are still a few SME actors who can make optimal use of the internet and social media as a marketing communication strategy. most of the SME actors use influencer strategies from public figures at a high cost. This strategy is considered to be less effective, and burdensome to SME actors, who have problems with capital. Some of the SME actors have succeeded in developing marketing communication strategies by optimizing the internet and social media through creative content from their marketing messages. The purpose of this study is to explore how SME actors can build consumer trust through creative marketing communication content. This study uses a qualitative approach with a case study method on SME actors who use creative content in their marketing communication strategies on the internet and social media. This study produced two main points, firstly the marketing communication strategy in the SMIs had communication competencies from the SME actors themselves. Second, organic message content by raising the character of the business owner can help shape the character of the product, and the character of the product can be product differentiation, which can ultimately shape the product brand. the stronger the organic message content produced, the stronger the brand that is formed to form trust in the minds of consumers.