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This paper examines the publication of the game of Hockey at global level indexed in web of science. The relevant data for the study has been extracted from the web of science database. The search term “Hockey” has been used as a keyword. A total of 3849 unique records over the year 1989 – 2016 have been downloaded and analyzed under various categories, out of 3849 records, only the top 10 records alone have been considered for this study. More number of articles was published in the year 2016. The authorship trend shows that, out of total 3849 published publication, It is also investigated that “British Journal of Sports Medicine” has more number of published, 126 (3.3). Furthermore, this study also identified that document wise distribution, word frequency, institution wise, institution with subdivision wise, and geographical distribution of the literature and citation analysis is also distinguished.

Keywords: Scientometric, Hockey, Web of science,