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In the modern world, electronic resources have become very popular and libraries are no exception. Today the academic libraries are procuring more and more e-resources for their libraries. This paper is a review on the uses of e-resources by the users of university libraries in Tamil Nadu. The main objectives of the study are: to know the type of electronic resources accessed by the users, to study the awareness on E-resources by faculty and research scholars, and to identify the problems faced while accessing electronic information services. Both primary and secondary data were used for the study. Out of 1050 respondents selected from seven universities, only 870 returned the questionnaires fully completed.

The primary data collected were tabulated and analysed using simple statistical tools such as averages, percentages, standard deviations and SPSS. Hypotheses were set and tested using chi-square formula (O-E2 / E). For analysis and interpretation of the data collected, tables and diagrams are used wherever necessary. The outcome of the study has been reported through five chapters. Following the important findings of the study, certain suggestions have been made to be implemented by the selected university libraries in Tamil Nadu.



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