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At this moment the Libraries have been completely reliant on providing narrative services to its users based on computer applications. Different computer programs are available for libraries to provide range of services from library automation, creating library websites, knowledge management, and creating digital library to document editing. To manage huge amount of digital information, libraries need some computer applications which takes care of their requirements. The purpose of this paper is to assess and evaluate the awareness and implementation of OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE (OSS) by the LIS professionals working in various Polytechnic colleges in Tamilnadu. The study is based on survey method and questionnaire technique was used for collection data from the respondents. The study finds that although the LIS professionals of Polytechnic colleges in Tamilnadu have knowledge on (OSS), their uses in libraries are in budding stage. Suggest that for the widespread use of (OSS) in Polytechnic college libraries, a cooperative and participatory organizational system, positive attitude of authorities and LIS professionals, and proper training provision for LIS professional need to be developed.



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