Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Academic libraries are progressively using social media platform to connect users, felicitate services, promote resources, reach the outreach, and enhance visibility through online presence. This exploratory study will investigate the adoption rate of social media as an innovative medium to deliver services, explores influencing factors and examines the effectiveness of using social media tools in Indian business school libraries for the benefits of users. Findings demonstrate the approaches, strategies, and challenges of adopting social media for the benefits of library users. The present study, with its ambit, has included Academic Business School Libraries based on the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) of the year 2018. The finding of the study reveals that innovation has a significant influence in library marketing in respect of adopting and implements social media among business school libraries. The outcomes suggest that libraries should follow evidence-based, innovative practices for effectively implementing social media for the more significant benefit of patrons in a collaborative online environment.