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The paper reviewed the integral role of public libraries in promoting youth participation in agriculture, information serving as a key driver. The population of youths in Nigeria estimated to be about 70 million establishes the need for this study, noting their relevance to economic growth and development of the agricultural sector. The major objectives of the study were to examine the perception of youths and their level of participation in agriculture in Nigeria; discuss factors limiting their participation; consider the implication of their participation; and the role of the public library in driving their productive involvement in agriculture. An appraisal of information as a key driver for motivating youths to participate in agricultural practice was done with emphasis on compilation of list of possible markets for agricultural products; engagement of ICT as sources of agricultural information; maintaining databases of organizations that support farmers; creating awareness about value chain in agriculture; creating awareness on various aspects of agricultural practice. The study relied majorly on secondary data, reviewing existing relevant literature as a basis for the discussion of the subject matter. The paper concluded by recommending that professionals in public libraries should collaborate with government at all levels, extension agents, information practitioners as well as other stakeholders to embark on massive and comprehensive education of youths on the importance and the derivable benefits of engaging in agriculture.