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Janarthanan.Pi,Prabhakar.S and Nithyanandham.K, Research Impact on Drone by means of Scientometric Analysis,


Drone” embedded with higher end technologies can able to reach the place, where the human being cannot reach or even enter. Mountains or valleys, nautical miles on seas and oceans, drone can be made fly effectively and successfully to complete the allocated tasks. Therefore, to assess the impact of the research on “Drone”, this study has been conducted through the literatures indexed in SCOPUS for ten years from 1999 to 2018. Relevant literatures on scientometric research has been collected and reviewed. Hypothesis has been framed and tested with the regression test to assess the deviation of the growth of literature. Year wise, Language wise growth of literature and the type of documents involved in the process of publication were assessed.


The Scientometric analysis done on “Drone” is based on the literatures indexed in SCOPUS from 1999 to 2018. The data reveals that 2902 records were published with a total of 2746 Local Citation Score and 16494 Global Citation Score. The Regression test has been conducted to test the hypothesis in an intention to check the deviation among the research publications. The year wise, language wise growth of literature and the type of documents involved in process of publications were assessed. The Bradford’s Bibliometric law was applied to identify the core journals. Top ten countries, ten journals and top five authors were retrieved along with the h-indices. Through the research, it is suggested that the Ministry of Human Resource Development to allocate more funds to enhance the research on “Drone”, as this un-manned vehicle can reach the place where human being hesitate to enter, to unhide many more facts for the smooth and safe life of the living beings in this world.